Putt Genie von Nyssgolf – Golf Putting Trainingsbälle 3er Set


PuttGenie The PuttGenie (Patent pending) are putting balls designed to help the golfer roll the ball correctly. You will get instant feedback and more information than any computer can give you. Each ball weighs the same as a normal golf ball, giving you the same resistance and the correct information. It was very important for us to get the weights as close and as accurate as possible to the weight of a normal golf ball, allowing the ball to give you the correct resistance and face deviation as a normal golf ball would with your putter face. A ball will always roll true once centrifugal force takes over, so rolling it true has to happen no matter what you do. It’s how you launch the vertical axis of the ball that is important, this is where your ball starts off line, as you can see in the examples in the video with the golf balls that have the vertical lines drawn through them. The PuttGenie gives you more information on what your putter face is doing through impact than any computer can ever give you – it is immediate. The bigger ball is slightly easier to roll, and the thinner ball is what I call the „truth serum“ ball, if your putter face is even slightly open or closed at impact, you will hit the corner of the ball and it will go sideways. You can instantly self-analyse and see if your face is open or closed by the direction the ball goes. It must be mentioned that the balls are not designed to be hit on the driving range, they are specifially for putting.

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